1. Delivery of a company’s product samples and catalogues.
If you are interested in any enterprise in China and you would like to learn more about its products, our company will quickly provide ?? you with product samples and catalogues , translated into English, German or Russian by request.
2. Organization of business trips, receiving/meeting delegations, hotel accommodation, guide and interpreter services.
 will provide the necessary support to host your representative in China. We will develop an individual program for you: reservationsshuttle service, hotel accommodations, business, cultural and leisure activities.
3. Additional service - leisure trips.
Chinese medicine offers legendary alternatives to conventional medicine such as the elixir of life longevity, and others whichare meant to release accumulated stress and fatigue. For many centuries, masters have passed down the secrets of these mysterious phenomena, the results of which astonish people to this day.
Our company offers you the combination of business and pleasure. It is a wonderful experience where time is measured by pleasures not by hours, where your immune system will be boosted and some of your diseases healed. The amazing effects of Chinese treatments will make you feel young, vital and attractive.