1. CICC functions as the official representative of your company in China.
Our company is located in some of the largest administrative business centers in China witch gives us the ability to best represent your interests in the country. In this case, you do not need to be present at the conclusion of contracts, sending commodities, controlling the completion of orders, or other activities relating to your business in China. Our company will take the responsibility of accomplishing all these projects.
2. CICC will represent your interests in negotiations with Chinese companies.
Differences of mentalities and national circumstances sometimes interfere with the conduct of successful business relations. Our company has qualified specialists who will represent you and your culture. This fact allows business parties to avoid the misunderstandings relating to those cultural differences and gives additional advantages in providing negotiations, revealing hidden potentials in the peculiarities of culture and world outlook. CICC also offers you legal support and advice in negotiations.
3. CICC accepts offers for production of goods produced by Chinese companies on request.
Some the Chinese companies have no legal right to conduct business with foreign companies and export their commodities. Our company offers intermediate party services and will take the responsibility to negotiate the business terms with the manufacturer and provide you with the final goods.