1. Market research in China.
CICC conducts research and analysis of Chinese markets, and finds the ones tailored to your company needs.
2. Promoting your product to the Chinese market.
CICC organizes and conducts advertisement events, searches for potential wholesale buyers also and places mass-media advertisement.
3. Search for suppliers/partners.
Companiesentering the international market find it hard to find reliable, trustworthy business partners. CICC has an extensive database of manufacturers producers in China which allows us to provide you with the list of your potential business partners precluding any potential risks. We will provide you with the requested information on the businesses of your choice allowing you to make sound business decisions.
4. Organizing attendance of business trade shows.
Organizing participation of your company at trade shows in China.
On the page Trade Shows you will findthe calendar of trade shows held in several major cities in China. If you need further information on a trade show and you would like to visit it, we will organize your trip. We will provide airport pick up, transfer, accommodation, support, translation services, and a tour guide. In the event that you are unable to attend an exposition in person, we will provide a special service. This will include sending a complete package providing you with the information of interest for the trade show (requested in advance by mail. Package information provided includes: catalogs, price lists, business advertising, product description - all information that enterprises provide at the trade show. If necessary, we will translate the required materials into English, Russian or German.
5. Logistics. Consolidation of products in China.
Exportation of products to the United States, Europe and Russia.
Following the conclusion of the contract, it is necessary to provide the control over the observance of all the terms of the contract. This will require the presence of your representative in China. We are willing to take on the function of the representative of your company and oversee all the points of the agreement, including the control of customs procedures and shipment.
6. Reviewing the company's financial condition.
Our auditors will check the financial condition of the chosen companies and provide a report with detailed justification and calculations related to that product / company.